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My name is Branka Pavlovic and I am film and television editor, video artist, and art educator, currently living between Berlin, Germany and Belgrade, Serbia. On this website you can see some examples of my work, infos on the upcoming projects and events. You can get in touch with me in case you need an editor, videographer, or if you want to organize a workshop or an art outreach project with participants of all ages and from all walks of life. Just scroll down and have fun!




Branka Pavlovic


September 2, 2019

July 9, 2018

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September 2, 2019

July 9, 2018

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I have been a member of the independent theatre company spreeagenten Berlin since 2009.  I produced videos for several spreeagenten theater productions including the latest one MÄDCHENORCHESTER (2019), Rastplatz Marzahn (2017) and the award-winning Ansichts-Karten von Gestern nach Morgen (Berlin 2015), Frogs in hot water (Belgrade/Berlin 2012).  My other works include vdeo concept and production for the Maxim Gorki Theatre's PPP-PostPornPoetry by Agnes Hansch (2010).





I have been working as a professional film and TV editor since 1996. For a while, I worked for TV B92  from Belgrade, Serbia. This led me to the Free Zone Film Festival  2009 where I have been program co-director ever since. Mentoring young people at the Free Zone Jr. workshops for social documentary filmmaking is a very important part of my job. Smirna Kulenovic's film The test of maturity (2012) was one of the Free Zone Jr. films I edited as well. The two recent projects I worked on as an editor include short feature Great Wall of China (Kineski zid) (2017) by Aleksandra Odić and Belonging (2017) by Judith Beuth and Jasmin Brutus which premiered at the GoEast FF in Wiesbaden on May 1st 2017.


Thanks to the collaboration with german-turkish performance artist Nezaket Ekici, I have learned a lot about performance documentation and video art. I have been filming and editing her performances since 2007. Some of the best things we did together can be seen in Berlin fom June 7th - August 16th at Haus am Waldsee.

Video DEMOAUFNAHME(N)/nGbK Kunstvermittung / in cooperation with BBK MEDIENWERKSTATT (2015)

performance workshop by: Nezaket Ekici

videoworkshop, camera & editing: Branka Pavlovic

From October 2013 to September 2015 I was an art outreach stipend recipient of the nGbK, Berlin.

My art outreach programme DEMOAUFNAHME(N) is a series of videoworkshops dedicated to and inspired by the exhibitions at the nGbK.

I have also collaborated with Berlin street social workers Gangway e.V. on a video project Our Story (2014) with and by young female refugees from one of the refugee centers in Berlin. Spiegel(üb)ungen / Mirroring, was a projekct with the class 11.4 of the Kurt-Schwitters-Schule, Berlin, a choreography videoproject - a part of Neue Expert*innen projects by HKW Berlin and the 12 Europa-Schulen aus Berlin.

I also did an art education project im Bode Museum Berlin. HIDDEN STORIES Project was thee first of three collaboration projects with different artists planned for Lab.Bode art education program in 2017, 2018 and 2019.



Pfalzburger Str. 80 c/o Rot

10719, Berlin, DE






Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio


Avid // Final Cut Pro // Premiere Pro

Dečanska 2

11000 Belgrade, Serbia



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Images provided by Stephen Brace and Jason Hargrove

have not been altered and are used in compliance with CC License.