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NEW PROJECT / NEUES PROJEKT! Dokumentarfilm / Documentary REBORN (Ponov(n)o rodjena)

Work in progress!


Documentary, work in progress

Directed by Narcisa Darijevic Markovic and Marija Ratkovic Vidakovic, Editor: Branka Pavlovic

The feature-length documentary "Reborn" explores human destinies, lost identities, the political division between east and west, and its reunification nearly half a century later. The main protagonist, Bärbel from Germany, now 79 years old, discovered a family secret in her mature age that had long remained hidden, and embarked on a search for her long-lost father in Serbia.

However, on this journey, she discovered much more: meeting the father, who she was told had died in World War II, actually gave her an entirely new family, far away in Serbia, and a new identity she never knew existed. Through a series of circumstances and the involvement of a new war (this time in the former Yugoslavia), Bärbel only managed to see her father once, but her connection to Serbia and her new family remains strong. In fact, it is still strong today, regardless of all the challenging circumstances. And it is passed on to younger generations.

In conclusion, Bärbel's life story becomes a journey through the intimate history of "European wars" during the second half of the 20th century. There were many such destinies. And some of them are encountered by Bärbel herself: a German, Reiner, who searched for his father in France, and an Austrian, Volkmart, who found his father in Greece. Children of war prisoners, the so-called "occupation children," and their grandchildren are somewhere around us, aware or unaware of the wars that have written their own destinies, of lost families and origins... There are more of them out there than we think.


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