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HATCHET - Nezaket Ekici, Performance, 56. Oktobarski salon, Beograd, Srbija.

Hatchet, 2016 Performance, Installation

September 23rd at 6 pm

Knez Mihailova Street 6, in front of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade

(Camera & Editing: Branka Pavlovic)

The artist stands in the middle of the pedestrian zone in Knez Mihailova Street in front of a huge, white cotton lane (50 meters long and 2 meters wide) held by assistants horizontally 1 m above from the ground.

She tears the cotton lane with her hands into two halves, each 50 meters long. This act meant to be a symbol and a serious warning against the threat of losing the path of peace in the world.

In this sense, the performance installation does not contribute to the topic of the exhibition directly. Hatchet speaks about a world that is falling apart, giving no chance for Love or Pleasure anymore.

(Camera & Editing: B.Pavlovic)

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