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Videodokumentation der Ausstellung anlässlich des 503. Geburtstags von Teresa von Avila

(Kamera und Schnitt): Branka Pavlović

Exhibition curated by Julius Studio

OPENING March 24th 2018 | 5 pm

Plant sonification live performance by Aural

FINISSAGE March 29th | 6 pm

Performance program curated by Tatwerk

MARTINA BERTONI & MUNSHA – Cellos concert Two cellists stroke cello strings, broider dialogues without words, blend warm voices with feedback and produce strange sounds in strange ways. Martina Bertoni and Munsha’s concert is an impulsive performance for unforeseeable cellos, elusive echoes and boundless fascination.

RICHARD GONLAG – forest/machine/slaughterhouse-prayer (Part 3) Slaughterhouse by Mehdi Moradpour | Music: Munsha feat. Dennis Depta A carnal anthem, a sensuous song of praise, a testosterone-filled accusation, an ode, a litany, a prayer for her/him/it.

YUKO KASEKI & MARION STEINFELLNER – Extatic Vision "Think of it, that you just have one soul, that you just die once and that your life is short and this your life is special and precious..." Based on the philosophy and life of the feminist Teresa von Avila, who celebrates her 503 birthday on March 28th.

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