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Light of the Fireflies - summer workshops and a multimedia app

impressions from summer workshops in Belgrade and a preview of the material for the mobile app for teaching history of WW2 and Holocaust at former concentration camp site Staro Sajmište, Belgrade, Serbia.

Here is a preview of the material from the workshops that took place at Staro Sajmište from July 26th to August 7th 2021. (With english subtitles!)

It is a project by Association Free Zone Film Festival in Belgrade, Serbia supported by EVZ foundation Berlin

Multimedia app with a tour of the site of the former concentration camp Staro Sajmište (Belgrade) The project aims to raise critical awareness of the local history of the Holocaust in Belgrade. Together with historians and artists from Serbia and Germany, students create an app with a multimedia walk on the grounds of the former concentration camp Staro Sajmište. The app will be developed in a series of interdisciplinary and multimedia workshops.


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